What is Coding Training?

What is Coding Training?

Today, technology is developing at a tremendous speed, and the use of technological devices is becoming more widespread every day. Smartphones, tablets, computers, robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, smart homes and many other concepts have entered our lives, and the number of people who use them is increasing day by day.

The hardware parts of these devices are mostly produced in foreign countries, and they are incredible sources of income for those countries. 

Again, these devices also have software parts, most of which are of foreign origin and bring more income than the hardware produced. Counting the names Microsoft, Google and Facebook is probably enough to confirm this claim.

At one point, Google even thought of distributing smartphones for free or very cheaply, because the software to be used on those devices was in their own hands.

As important as it is to be able to produce these hardware for our country, it is equally important to produce the software to be used in these hardware.

What is Software Development?

Software is the general name of any program used by electronic devices to perform certain operations. For example windows, android, ios, paint, word, photoshop, instagram application..

Developing software means programming electronic devices and producing programs that will perform various tasks on them. It will be a great operating system software, such as software that we developed, mobile phone applications, computer programs, web software applications, etc. are possible.

In the past, those who did this job were mostly called programmers (computer programmers), but nowadays, as the variety of devices increases, names such as software developers or software developers are used.

How is Software Development Work Done?

Software is created using programming languages ​​and editors. Programming languages ​​have their own structures and commands, and generally each programming language is for specific areas. For example, Java language is mostly used to develop android applications. 

It is not difficult to learn what the commands to be used while writing a program do. Programming languages ​​already have a certain number of commands and structures. The important thing is to set up the logic and algorithm that will enable you to achieve the desired goal by using these commands .

Logic is the most important thing in software. Anyone who learns to use logic can become an expert software developer.

The Purpose of Coding Education

Since logic is the most important thing in software development, it will be an advantage to develop this logic at an early age. In developed countries, these trainings are given at a young age.

Thanks to coding education, individuals will gain skills such as computational thinking, research, problem solving, questioning, invention, production, project development, etc. at a younger age .

And in this way, even if he is not in the software business, he will think, research, question and produce analytically in every aspect of his life.


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