First Child and Last Child Rules

Applying Different Styles to the First and Last Rows of Tables or Lists

If we want the first and last rows of a table or list that we use on our page to look different, we can use the first-child and last-child pseudo classes.


tr:first-child { font-weight:bold;
                       background-color:gray; }

tr:last-child { background-color:white; }

We can do the same for ul and ol lists:

li:first-child { font-weight:bold; 
                      background-color:gray; }

li:last-child { background-color:white; }

It also has uses such as:

tr:first-child(-n+2) { font-weight:bold; 
                     background-color:gray; }

tr:first-child(2n+1) { font-weight:bold; 
                     background-color:gray; }

You can review our previous topic to make each row look different.

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Applying Different Styles to the First Element of List Try It

li:first-child { font-weight: bold;
                       background-color: gray; } /* styles of the first line */

li:last-child { background-color: white; }  /* styles of other lines */


Applying Different Styles To The First Row of Table Try It

tr:first-child { font-weight:bold;
                       background-color:gray; } /* styles of the first line */

tr:last-child { background-color:white; }  /* styles of other lines */



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