Html Text Formatting Tags

H1 tag and other header tags (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 tags)

It is used to add a title to the page. H1 is used to indicate the most important heading. The larger the number, the smaller the header size. Especially the h1 tag is an important tag for search engines. It is not recommended to be used in multiple places on one page. By specifying the most important topics, we can enable search engines to gather better information about our page.

Usage: It is <h1>Page Title</h1>. Hx tags are block elements. Elements that come after it continue from the bottom line.

The appearance of h1 and other title tags can be changed with CSS and made suitable for our page.

b, u and i labels

They are used to produce bold, underlined and italic text, respectively. The strong tag can also be used instead of the B tag.

<b>Bold text</b>

<u>Underline text</u>

<i>Italic text</i>

<strong>Bold text</strong>

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Örnek: p, b, u ve i etiketlerinin kullanımı Try It
<p><b>Burası kalın bir yazı.</b> </p>
<p>Burası ise normal yazı. 
<p>Bu cümlede <b>sadece</b> bir kelime kalın. 
<p>Bu <u>kelimenin</u> de altını çizelim. 
<p>Hem kalın, hem altı çizili, hem de italik <i><b><u>kelime</u></b></i>. 


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