Move to bottom line in html document - Br Tag

While writing html codes, we can see that what we have written consists of a single line when we run the page, even if we continue to write the code from the bottom line by entering it, or even if we leave many lines blank. 

If we want to go to the bottom line or leave blank lines in the html page, we use the <br/> tag . Every time the br tag is used, it will go to the bottom line.


Everything I wrote here is on the same line. <br/>

But these are,<br/>one<br/>after<br/>the<br/>other<br/>.

* Blank lines can be left by placing more than one br tag consecutively.

** Look at the next pages for information about creating a paragraph (p tag) .

Creating a horizontal line with the <hr/> tag

A horizontal line is created where the <hr/> tag is used. If its size is not specified, it will take up the entire screen or the area it is in.

Length and thickness can be specified using as follows.

<hr size="5" width="300" align="center" color="gray" />

*br and hr tags are short closing tags, so the / sign is at the end of the start tag.

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Using br and hr tags Try It
Everything I wrote here is on the same line.<br/>
<hr align="center" size="3px" width="500px" color="blue" />


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