Use of the P tag

It is used to create paragraphs. Allows some spacing between paragraphs.

Especially long texts on our web pages will be more difficult to read when we write them without using paragraphs. Thanks to the paragraph spacing, the readability and tracking of the texts will be easier. For this reason, it is recommended to use the p tag on our pages.


This is our first paragraph. When this paragraph ends, the next paragraph will start after one line space.
This is our second paragraph. When this paragraph ends, the rest of the page will begin after one line of space.

The page continues here. 


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Using p tag Try It
<p>We can create a paragraph with the p tag. </p>
<p>A bit of space is automatically created after each p tag.</p>
<p>Without paragraph<br>
  If you want to go to the bottom<br>
  you can use br tag like here.


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