Font Tag

Font Tag

It serves to set the font, color and size of the desired text. 

The font is specified with the face parameter.

The size parameter specifies the size of the text. However, this size is not in pixels or points. A value between 1 and 7 can be given.

The color of the text is specified with the color parameter. Primary colors can be specified with their names (in English), as well as color codes. The # character is placed in front of the color code.


<p> <font face="Arial" color="red" size="4"> Text in red, +4 size and Arial type. </font> </p>

Note: Today, formatting operations can be done with CSS in a much more detailed way. People who know how to use this CSS do not prefer to use font tags. After you learn Css, you will not use this tag much.

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Font Usage Example Try It
<font color="purple" face="Arial">We used font tag. </font>
<font color="red">Viyana</font> - <font color="green"><b>Prag</b></font>


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