Unordered Lists Using Ul Tag

Creating an unordered (bulleted) list with ul tag

We use the ul tag to create a bulleted list on our website. The <ul> tag indicates the start of the list, and the </ul> tag indicates the end of the lis. The elements of the list are written between the <li>...</li> tags.

When the page is run, each element between the li tags is placed on a new line with a bullet at the beginning.

Type parameter: It  determines which sign will be used in the listing. Here,  disc (solid circle), circle (hollow circle) and square (solid square) options are available.

You can view the example.

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Nested ol and ul tags Try It
<ol type="I">
<li>Text Editing</li>
<ol type="I">
<li>Local Styles</li>
<li>General Styles</li>
<li>Class and id</li>


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