Basic Concepts and Considerations in Web Design

Points to Consider in Website Design

  • Attention should be paid to the color balance, colors that do not tire the eyes should be used, and the texts should be easily readable.
  • Standard fonts should be used, handwritten fonts should not be used in the content.
  • Headings and important statements should be bold, but not overdone. Because Google and other search engines give importance to bold expressions. If there are too many bold phrases, search engines will ignore the importance of these phrases.
  • The texts should not stick to the page margins or surrounding objects, there should be some space.
  • Language used on the page should be used properly, spelling and spelling rules should be followed.
  • No space is left before punctuation marks, 1 space is left after it.
  • We must first optimize the images we use on our pages. Otherwise, the pages will take a long time to load. Viewing a web page on the user's computer means downloading all the files on that page to the user's computer. For this reason, we should not use high-dimensional content unnecessarily.
  • We should not use unnecessary music, images, etc. We should not make a sound without permission from the user.

Terms That Will Be Beneficial To Know At The Beginner Stage

English terms will come up frequently when doing Web Design. The most important of these, and especially the terms that we will encounter at the beginning, are listed below.

  • Content: Content
  • World: world
  • Wide: Wide
  • Web: Network
  • Border: Border
  • Margin: Outer space
  • Padding: Inner space
  • Width: Width
  • Height: Height
  • Navigation: Orientation (menu etc. parts of the web page that allow you to reach other pages)
  • Link: Link (When clicked, it redirects to another page or object)
  • Web Browser: Web Browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex…)
  • Domain: Domain Name – Site Name (example:
  • Hosting: Hosting (Making websites accessible to users by hosting them on the server)
  • Server: Server (private computers running 24/7)


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